One day workshop on Direct plaster Sculpture of human figure

One day workshop on Direct Plaster Sculpture of Human Figure was arranged by Sir Ehsan Ali from the department of Design. His passion for sculpture is contagious and his dedication to transfer knowledge in an engaging, enjoyable, interactive and supportive environment sets him unique. The workshop was enthusiastically attended by young sculptors (3rd semester BVA). Direct plaster sculpture has a long history in western sculpture and is often associated with modernist artists.It is one of the most creative and immediate techniques of sculpture.

The entire workshop was split into three sessions.In the first session,students learned how to use metal frame, filled with waste papers to create and design armature for figure.

In the second session, they learned to drape and stack the fabric according to body shape. They were also taught about the techniques of mixing and working directly with plaster of paris as well as the use of tools and other equipment for direct working. The third session was about finishing and the creation of textures.