Educational Adventure Tour

Department of Management Sciences organized an adventure tour for the students studying Organizational Behavior, Introduction to Human Resource Management, and Principles of Management in the departments of Textile & Apparel Merchandising and Textile Engineering (Weaving).This adventure tour was the first-ever initiative to assess sessional marks of these students on the field during team activities instead of a classroom team project. Students participated in group activities like Caving, Boating, Camping, and Team Building Games, which promoted greater awareness of the group dynamics, team-building, and problem-solving skills.

Students also participated in Rappelling, a unique activity that focuses on the values of trust and dependability. The idea of hanging in mid-air and letting go of all fears was not only liberating but also fun for the students.

Students were accompanied by the faculty members of Management Sciences i.e. Dr. Zia-Ur-Rehman, Dr. Muhammad Hashim, Miss Beenish Qamar (Tour Coordinator), and Miss Arusa Khalid.