NTU Arranged a Mega Event to Celebrate Iqbal Day and Signed MOU with Dabistan-e-fikar-e-Iqbal

On 14th November 2016 NTU Iqbal society arranged a Mega event to celebrate Iqbal Day. Lecture on Iqbaliyat was delivered by ‘Muhammad Bashir Herl’ senior vice president of Dabistan-e- Fikar-e-Iqbal. Debates were delivered and Kalam-e-Iqbal was sung by Students. NTU Iqbal Society arranged painting competition on same day in which students’ made painting of Iqbal’s poetry along with portraits of Allama Iqbal.

MOU Ceremony

On 14th November 2016 Dabistan-e-fikar-e-Iqbal signed a MOU with NTU Iqbal society. President and Convener of Iqbal society signed on the contract in the presence of Advisor Students Muzammil Hussain. According to this contract, NTU Iqbal society will arrange a monthly lecture in NTU Iqbal center. They will provide Banners for the center too. They promised us to provide speakers for Lecture on Iqbaliyat to the NTU Iqbal Society.