Undergraduate Programs

BS in Textile Management & Marketing

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  1. To inculcate the exclusive communicative skills, interpersonal as well as managerial skills in the graduates who would be capable to work with diversified teams in a highly professional environment of the workplace.
  2. To develop the practical as well as analytical skills in the graduates to evaluate and resolve all possible issues in the domains of management and marketing of textile sector.
  3. To provide a conducive environment where graduates have the opportunity to learn the national and international issues regarding business ethics, environment and social norms, necessary for sustainable growth.
  4. To provide learning opportunity to graduates to meet the present and future demands of textile sector.     
  5. To enhance business practicability of the graduates by developing entrepreneurial skills and managerial competencies in order to polish the skills of future business leaders.

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Core Business Education

An ability to understand and apply theoretical knowledge related to core business subjects to solve business problems.


Textile Management and Marketing

An ability to understand technical knowledge, working environment, managerial issues and opportunities of Pakistan’s Textile Industry to enable the students to contribute positively towards textile sector.


Oral and Written Communication

An ability to demonstrate effective oral and written communication in interpersonal transactions at workplace.


Analytical Thinking and Decision Making Skills

An ability to organize and analyze data for effective decision making to reach an appropriate and sustainable solution.


Ethical Considerations in Decision Making

An ability to understand common ethical problem faced by managers and how to use ethical knowledge in decision making.



An ability to understand and apply theoretical knowledge on leadership to achieve goals through coworkers in workplace settings.


Fostering Entrepreneurial Spirits

An ability to identify and seize a suitable business opportunity with understanding of key environmental factors.


Global Perspective with Focus on Textile Industry

An ability to understand issues related to global business operations with focus on Textile Sector.

1st Semester

2nd Semester

HU-1091 Islamic Studies/Ethics 3 0 3 MA-1003 Business Mathematics-I 3 0 3
MGT-1081 Principles of Management 3 0 3 STAT-1001 Business Statistics 3 0 3
CS-1071 Introduction to Computing 2 1 3 HU-1092 Pakistan Studies 3 0 3
ENG-1093 English-I 3 0 3 MKT-1081 Principles of Marketing  3 0 3
ECON-1081 Micro Economics  3 0 3 ENG-1094 English-II 3 0 3
ACCT-1081  Fundamentals of Accounting 3 0 3 TE-1113  Introduction to Textiles 3 0 3
Total Cr. Hrs. 17 1 18 Total Cr. Hrs. 18 0 18

3rd Semester

4th Semester

MA-1004 Business Mathematics-II 3 0 3 ECON-2082 Macro Economics  3 0 3
STAT-2002 Statistical Inferences 3 0 3 BUS-2084 Business Communication 3 0 3
BUS-2083 Oral Communication 3 0 3 MKT-2083  Consumer Behavior 3 0 3
MKT-2082 Marketing Management 3 0 3 BUS-2085 Business Research Methods 3 0 3
ACCT-2082 Financial Accounting 3 0 3 FIN-2081  Business Finance 3 0 3
SS-1093 Introduction to Psychology 3 0 3 SS-2092 Introduction to Sociology 3 0 3
Total Cr. Hrs. 18 0 18 Total Cr. Hrs. 18 0 18

5th Semester

6th Semester

TE-1112 Textile Raw  Materials 3 0 3 HRM-3081  Introduction to Human Resource Management 3 0 3
ECON-3083 Economy of Pakistan 3 0 3 TE-2111 Introduction to Yarn Manufacturing 2 1 3
CS-3074 Management Information Systems 3 0 3 TE-2112 Introduction toFabric Manufacturing 2 1 3
MGT-3082  Organizational Behavior 3 0 3 BUS-3086 International Relations & Current Affairs 3 0 3
HU-3096 Foreign Language 3 0 3 FIN-3082 Financial Management 3 0 3
Total Cr. Hrs. 15 0 15 Total Cr. Hrs. 13 2 15

7th Semester

8th Semester

TE-2113 Introduction to Textile Chemical Processing 2 1 3 MKT-4084 Export Marketing 3 0 3
TE-2114 Introduction to Garment Manufacturing 2 1 3 MGT-4086 Strategic Management 3 0 3
TE-4112 Product Costing in Textile  & Apparel Industry 3 0 3 BUS-4087 Business Ethics 3 0 3
MGT-4085  Entrepreneurship  3 0 3 TE-4113 Textile Testing and Quality Control 3 0 3
MGT-4084 Operations Management 3 0 3 BUS-4088 Final year Project  3 0 3
Total Cr. Hrs. 13 2 15 Total Cr. Hrs. 15 0 15
6-Week summer internship after sixth semester   1 1
Total Credits for BS in Textile Management & Marketing 133

At least 45% marks in the following: a. Intermediate (F.A, F.Sc, I.Com, ICS, etc) or equivalent
b. Three A-Level and Eight O-Levels

At least 45% marks in the following:

a. Intermediate (F.A, F.Sc, I.Com, ICS, etc) or equivalent

b. Three A-Level and Eight O-Levels

Merit Criteria:

Marks of Intermediate - Part 1 (100% weightage)

Note: Applications are entertained on Intermediate Part-I basis and merit would be finalized accordingly. However, the admitted students must meet the basic eligibility criteria of the relevant degree program on the announcement of Intermediate Part-II result failing which admission will be automatically cancelled.

Test: No Test Required

Open Merit Fee - 1st Semester

Fee Heads1st Semester Fee (Rs)
Admission Fee (Once at admission) 25,000
Certificate Verification Fee (Once at admission) 2,000
Red Crescent Donation (Once at admission) 50
University Card Fee (Once at admission) 300
University Security (Refundable) 5,000
Tuition Fee (Per Semester) 55,720
Library Fee (Per Semester) 3,000
Examination Fee (Per Semester) 3,000
Medical Fee (Per Semester) 2,000
Student Activity Fund (Per Semester) 2,000
Endowment Fund (Per Semester) 1,000
TOTAL 99,070


  • Tuition Fee will increase @ 2.5% Per Annum in Subsequent Years.
  • 1/3rd of the Tuition Fee along with Examination Fee will be charged in Summer/Extra Semester.
  • Degree Fee will be charged @5000 rupees Once in the Last Semester

Hostel Dues

Hostel Charges (Per Semester) 25,000
Hostel Security (Refundable) 5,000
TOTAL 30,000

Self Finance Fee - 1st Semester

Fee Heads1st Semester Fee (Rs)
Regular Fee of 1st Semester 99,070
Self Finance Fee Installments (Per Semester) 31,250
Total 130,320
  1. The candidates seeking admission against self-finance seats will have to apply on separate application form. You can apply online ,  application / prospectus fee is Rs. 2,500/- for each Program. The minimum eligibility criterion for the admission on Self-Finance Basis is the same as prescribed for Open Merit.
  2. The completed application form with required supporting documents as mentioned in the application form along with a bank draft of following (Self-Finance Dues + Regular 1st Semester dues) should reach the Admission Office of the University  on or before the notified closing date.