NTU Collaborations

International Collaboration

Sr. No. Name and Address of the University Faculty Exchange Student Exchange Joint Research
1 Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria (Department of Industrial Design)
2 Busra Technical University, Busra, Turkey (Faculty of Engineering) -
3 RWTH AACHEN University, Germany (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering) -
4 Shinhan University, Republic of Korea
5 Shinshu University, Japan (Faculty of Textile Science & Technology)
6 Technical University Liberec, Czech Republic (Faculty of Textile Engineering)
7 The University de Haute-Alsace, France (ENSISA)a
8 Uludag University, Turkey
9 University de Valenciennes and HainuatCambresis, France
10 University of Bolton, United Kingdom (Institute for Materials Research & Innovation)
11 University of Le Havre, France
12 University of Zagreb, Croatia (Faculty of Textile Technology)
13 Wuhan Textile University, Republic of China
14 Yantai Corporation China - -
15 Zwick/Roell, Germany - -
16 T. A. Instruments, USA - -
17 Tianjin Polytechnic University, China and Shanghai Feiyun Culture Development (Co.Ltd)
18 The University of Huddersfield, Queensgate, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HDI3DH, United Kingdom "UoH";
19 Politeknik Penerbangan Makassar, Indonesia
20 Siliwangi University, Indonesia
21 Universitas Islam Kebangsaan, Indonesia
22 University Muhammadiyah Bone, Indonesia
23 Institut Agama Islam Negeri Lhoseumawe, Indonesia
24 State Islamic Institute of Madura, Indonesia
25 Universitas Muhammadiyah Enrekkang, Indonesia
26 Indonesian Education Share-to case Volunteers, Indonesia
27 FAJAR university, Indonesia
28 Sekolah Tinggi llmu Ekonomi Yapan Indonesia
29 Universitas PGRI Ronggolawe, Indonesia
30 STIBA Darul Ulum Banyu Anyar, Indonesia
31 Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidenreng Rappang, Indonesia
32 Institut Agama Islam Negeri Surakarta, Indonesia
33 Universitas Muhammadiyah Kendari, Indonesia
34 Universitas Al Asy Ariah Mandar Sulbar, Indonesia
35 Politeknik Negeri Media Kreatif (PoliMedia) Jakarta, Indonesia
36 Universitat of Innsbruck (UIBK), Austria
37 The University of Leeds, United Kingdom
38 Donghua University, Shanghai

National Collaboration

Industrial Collaboration