Selection of Dr. Muhammad Asif as an Associate Editor

Selection of Dr. Muhammad Asif as an Associate Editor

Dr. Muhammad Asif Assistant Professor/Chairman of Computer Science Department has been selected as an Associate Editor of one of a Top journal of IEEE ​having impact factor of 3.24, for this journal the associate editor is supposed to do the following  

1. Coordinate the careful and critical review of at least 3 articles per year by inviting and receiving a minimum of 2 independent reviews for every article.

2. Facilitate a rapid review process that takes less than two weeks, with an expedited timeline.

3.  Invite and assign willing reviewers for each paper within 2 days of receiving a paper.

4.  Remind reviewers if they have not submitted their review within 1 week of accepting the invitation to review.

5.  If a reviewer does not respond to reminder emails, then invite and assign new reviewers.

6.  Render a final decision of Accept or Reject within 1 day of receiving the reviewer comments.

7.  Provide brief comments on Accept and Reject decisions.

8.  Contact the Managing Editor if you notice author (or reviewer) misconduct. Plagiarism or suggesting one’s own references as a reviewer (or editor) is not appropriate and would warrant a detailed investigation.

9.  Serve a 3-year term.

10. Maintain an account in the IEEE Scholar One Manuscript website. This website will be used for the review process, including assigning reviewers and rendering publication decisions.