Visit report of Rieter and Simag

Visit report of Rieter and Simag

Mr. Dirk Hibben (After sales marketing head Pakistan) and Mr. Abid Imam (Manager Business Group, Simag Enterprises) were on a visit to Nishat Mills Ltd Faisalabad. They visited National Textile University on 14th February 2018 on a special request from Dr. Zulfiqar Ali (Chairman YMD, NTU).

During visiting Yarn Manufacturing Lab they glanced upon already existing Rieter Machinery (Ring K-44 and Draw Frame RSB D-40). Two machines were donated by Rieter Executives which were inaugurated by Rieter’s Area Sales Managers, Mr.Peter Minder and Mr.Peter Spirgi.

Rieter donated  Comfor Spin K-44 Spinning Frame and it was inaugurated by Mr.Peter Spirgi on May 25, 2015.

As the first introductory session ended, an interactive session was arranged in IT centre Conference Room with final year students of Yarn manufacturing. Dr Zulfiqar Ali (Dean, Faculty of engineering and technology NTU), Dr. Bilal Qadir (Coordinator, Yarn manufacturing department) and Mr. Shahzad Shaffi (Lab Engineer) were also present there.

Mr. Hibben delivered lecture on “Rieter’s technological superiority over other companies” and “why there is a need of automation in textile sector”. Rieter Blow Room, carding and drawing machineries are more productive than its competitors. He added, how versatility of Rieter compact spinning influencing the market.

He discussed on how Rieter (RSB-D40) can be upgraded to increase its production which would rival that of latest RSB-D45. After that, he also described the importance and services of after sales marketing.

At the end, a photo session was arranged with the YMD faculty and students. Mr Hibben and Abid imam showed their pleasure towards the warm welcome of the students and wished them Best of luck for their future.

Finally during meeting with Chairmen of the Yarn Manufacturing department, it was requested to solve the issue regarding purchase of some spare parts required for Ring Rieter K-44. Parts were as under:

  • Spindle Tubes of three different colours (Quantity =1050)
  • Grippers (Quantity =6)
  • Spindle Brake R (Quantity =22)

Mr.Dirk Hibben declared that they will provide above mentioned parts for FOC. Rieter remains generous to National Textile University Faisalabad, Pakistan every time.

Dr Zulfiqar Ali (Chairman YMD) discussed about an MOU between Rieter, Switzerland and NTU, Faisalabad.

In which Dr Zulfiqar Ali said about the services of the Rieter.

  • New experimental techniques and mechanical amendment in existing Rieter machinery in Pakistan.
  • Internship and training of NTU students and faculty in Reiter designated plants and industries
  • Trial running and results analysis of the machines.

Mr.Dirk Hibben showed his interest for MOU.

Visit ended with the departure of guests and see off nods