''Responsible Citizen''

''Responsible Citizen''

Social Campaign:

(Responsible Citizen)

TMM Society started a social campaign(on FB, Instagram and WhatsApp) against Covid-19 on 12th of April-2020 named as ‘’Responsible Citizen’’ in the supervision of Mehwish Sultan (Coordinator of TMM Society), in coordination with DR. M. Hashim ( Program Director and Convener of TMM Society) and Mr. Sajjad Baig  ( Dean of Management sciences). The basic purpose of our campaign is to aware people from current situation of covid-19, educate them and help the needy.

This campaign consists of three steps

  • Start from yourself
  • Tell Others
  • Help others

Start from yourself:  In the first step of the campaign, all the members of TMM Society made videos in which they and their family showed how people can take precautionary measures to save themselves from COVID-19.

Social Campaign (Responsible Citizen)

2nd step “Tell Others’’

2nd step of the campaign ‘’Tell others’’ started on 21st of April, 2020.The basic purpose in taking this step was, to tell the pros and cons of Covid-19 to the neighbors and to warn them of the dangers if the pandemic is not taken seriously.

In this step, all society members recorded video messages to raise awareness of Covid-19 among those who were not following the instructions and were not taking precautionary measures. It was an attempt to make them realize how it is important for us and our families to follow the instructions given by the government. TMM Society attempted to prod the people into “stay at home, stay safe”.

Social Campaign: Responsible citizen

 3rdstep; (Help Others)

On 5th of May, 2020, the third phase of the campaign “Help Others” started which is the most important part and the main purpose of the campaign. The basic purpose in taking this step is to help needy people (in the surrounding areas) who were working on daily wages and were hit by the pandemic badly. 

For this, 10 groups of the society members with a team leader were formed. First, the teams searched out the needy and deserving families, then the donations were collected from the members, Rashan bags were purchased according to the need of the families and as the last step bags were distributed. Four Groups have completed their servings in Different Areas ( 115/j.bDiyalgarh , Abbottabad , Muzafargarh, barnala )while others are still working in their areas.

The society is very much concerned about hiding the identity of people, so no videos were recorded and no pictures were captured. To encourage others for such a noble cause, videos and pictures of Rashan Bags and of delivery message were taken.