Online exhibition showing SUSTAINABLE TEXTILE PALETTE

Online exhibition showing SUSTAINABLE TEXTILE PALETTE

Design faculty members showcase their textile art works in an online exhibition dated 27May 2021 –27 June 2021.

Textile production is an ever expanding and dynamic business due to its demand of comfort expectations and changing lifestyles. Waste generation is a significant character of textile production, and its proper management is a scorching issue all around the world. Several waste management strategies are now being used but the outcome is on a constrained premise. Faisalabad is the biggest textile industrial city in Pakistan where an enormous amount of textile waste enters the life’s stream daily and a very low percentage is reutilized to make low-grade products.

This exhibition showcases a solution to the problem i.e. to bring the waste fabric back to the value chain focusing on design, esthetics, functionality, and elevating it at a higher level as compared to its low-grade waste form. All displayed textile-arts were crafted with waste fabrics for functional Textile products such as window blinds, bedspreads, quilts and apparel articles. Their strength and washability were already at an optimal level and could be further enhanced to desired product type.

The idea that every small fabric swatch can be crafted to its perfection is molded by textile designer, Ms. Aroobah Mumtaz. Ms.Nida Ramzan, a visual artist, shaped the color palette whereas Ms. Misbah Latif, an interior designer, focused on the functional aspect of designed Textile arts.

The exhibition can be visited by using the web site link